Welcome, my name is Kenny and I’m a Renewable Energy Consultant specialising in solar panels, air and ground-source heat pumps, and domestic biomass heating systems. Through Goval Energy – my consultancy business – I provide assistance to homeowners looking to explore energy saving and renewable technology viability for their home. In over 10 years in the industry I have developed relationships with Scotland’s best and time tested installers who provide value for money and the right attitude to customer care and support. Renewable energy can be a minefield and choosing the right installer tricky. My job is to streamline the process and help you identify which technologies (if any) are appropriate for your home and to select the best installer. Get in touch today to request a consultation.

KennyRenewable Energy Consultant

  • Free email quotation & information pack
  • Clear pricing with complete inventory
  • Industry leading design and system efficiency
  • 3D computer aided design quotations
  • Realistic payback and financial calculations
  • Employed fitting teams
  • Focus on reputation customer care
  • Lengthy sales appointments
  • Evasive and unclear pricing
  • Poorly installed or badly shaded systems
  • No design proposal and limited information
  • Over-inflated performance and payback claims
  • Sub-contracted fitters
  • Focus on commission and hard selling

Generate Power & Earn Money

Generate Renewable Energy

The sole purpose of a solar panel is to convert light into electricity for use around your home and in this game, power = £££. The more power your solar array produces the less you will need to draw from the grid and the more you will earn from Government backed Feed-in Tariff (FIT) payments. By specifying rigorously tested and proven panels, inverters and cabling, you can be sure that your system will generate plentiful free energy for decades to come. Entirely maintenance free, you can sit back and enjoy a 10%-12% (typical) return on investment, safe in the knowledge that your family is protected against rising energy costs. Request an email quotation today and see how much you can save with photovoltaic solar panels.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Homes

PV solar panels are an attractive financial proposition for homeowners throughout Scotland. This is in part because of the Government’s big green carrot, the Feed-in Tariff (FIT). Solar power needs to be financially rewarding so that the Government can meet its CO2 emissions targets. As technology goes, it doesn’t come much greener than PV solar panels; the sun is an abundant source of free energy and your solar panels will harvest that energy for many decades without any maintenance. In producing your own green energy, you reduce the carbon footprint of your home and do your bit for a greener Earth. Remember, the FIT is subject to review every 3-months, so act now to guarantee 20-years of index linked tax-free payments.